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Peach Creek ID:  Byakko Tachibana by goth-samurai
Peach Creek ID: Byakko Tachibana
Well than, time to tell a bit about my OC for those who are not very familiar with him.  Many know this OC, but still, a good recap will do.

Personality: Wild, friendly, straight-forward
Brief background:  He is a half Jap half American guy who lives the Straight-Edge life.  Born in the Tachibana clan, a clan descended from samurai.  Due to this he knows the family art of combat dubbed Tachibana-ryu Shinjitsu.  Father, Daisuke, is former combat instructor for the Japan Self-Defense Force turned dojo/gym onwer and mother, Marylin, is an English Teacher.  Byakko is also a master of Jeet Kune Do, the Way of the Intercepting Fist. Don't be surprised if anyone catches him training or exercising.  Has two sisters, the eldest being Ai and the youngest being Umiko, who is adopted.
Original place of birth:  Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (born); Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan (raised)
How they got to Peach Creek: Moved into Peach Creek with family.
Their general feelings toward the other canon characters of the show...
Ed:  Best friends with him despite faults. Fellow gamer, comic book reader, horror fan, and Evil Tim fan.
Edd:  Good friend despite faults. While not as smart, Byakko is able to match wits with him.
Eddy: Likes his style, but doesn't like his scamming.
Kevin: Football teammate and gets along well with him.
Nazz: Enjoys her company, often calls her 'Giggles-san' due to her giggling.
Jonny: Doesn't mind him, yet has the strange feeling that Plank may be more than expected.
Jimmy: Sees him like a little brother.
Sarah: Is okay with her unless she starts throwing a hissy fit.
Rolf: Gets along will with Rolf as both of them are raised in different countries
Marie: Dislikes her due to being a bully to the Eds, able to tolerate her due to her being a fellow punk.
Lee:  Really dislikes her due to being a bully to the Eds.
May: Slightly dislikes her due to being a bully to the Eds, she is the only Kanker he gets along with greatly.
Bro: Doesn't like him one bit and showed it.

For more information, look up :iconeenebyakko:, as this is the account of the character.

Template by :iconnanu-nani:
Byakko 2 by TheEbby

Byakko Tachibana
Age:  16
Nationality:  Japanese-American
Origin:  Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (birth); Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan (raised)
Theme: 'Cult of Personality' by Living Color 

Wiz:  Byakko Tachibana is a 16-year old Japanese American born in the US but raised his ancestral home, Kyushu.  However, due to his father becoming a temporary unarmed instructor to the Hong Kong military, Byakko along with his family moved to Hong Kong for a time.

Boomstick:  Look at that hair! How does he even do that?!

Mastered martial arts at a young age
Able to do the hardest known core-building exercise, the Dragon Flag
Picked up on b-boying very quickly, showing that he is a quick learner
Able to learn acupuncture on his own
Defeated the Kanker sisters, all three of them
Endured incredible pain against several opponents
Bested various martial artists, street fighters, and professional fighters
Fought against strong monsters called Zodiarts on his own before becoming Kamen Rider Meteor

Wiz:  He is the heir to the Tachibana Clan, a family whose lineage is descended from samurai.  As such he is raised in Mt. Tachibana with his father, JSDF soldier Daisuke Tachibana, his mother, English teacher Marylin Tachibana, and his grandparents, along with his sisters, the elder one Ai and the young adopted one Umiko.

Boomstick:  Don't let this kid fool ya. He's a tough one because he learned how to kick ass at a young age.

Wiz:  As a member of the Tachiabana,  Byakko is trained in their ancient fighting arts, the same fighting arts used to defend the Otomo Clan and the Tokugawa Shogunate back than.

Boomstick:  Its got a funny name.  Shin-Ju-Su...

Wiz:  Shinjitsu.

Boomstick: Whatever.  He uses that to fuck people up. 

Wiz:  Tachibana style Shinjitsu.  Shinjutsu roughly translates to "true art".  It could be that this is the fighting style of the Tachibana samurai used in the Sengoku Era.  At the age of 5, Byakko's grandfather trained him.  The style itself consists of elements of Karate, Akijujitsu, and even the sword arts of Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu.  

Boomstick:  In other words, he could be  young enough to be picked on by bullies, but instead of crying, he would beat the living shit out of them with either his fists or a stick.  And due to training and living in a mountain like a country hick, he is physically stronger and faster than your average snot-nosed kid.

Tachibana-ryu Shinjitsu:
Combines these fighting styles
-Shotokan Karate
-Kyokushin Karate

Wiz:   At the age of 10, he went with his family to Hong Kong, where Daisuke was stationed due to becoming a combat instructor to the Hong Kong military.  There he went under the tutelage of Ted Wong, one of Bruce Lee's students.  Through him, he learned Jeet Kune Do, the Way of the Intercepting Fist.

Boomstick:  Jeet Kune Do is the fighting style-

Wiz: Its not a fighting style, its a mindset.

Boomstick:  Fine... Jeet Kune Do is a fighting 'mindset' created by the late, great ultimate butt kicker himself.  Bruce Lee. WHAA! WATCHA!!  He's got dem Fists of Fury!  

Wiz:  Upon defeating a group of bullies who were picking on his little sister, Wong himself witnessed this and asked Dan Inosanto, another one of Bruce Lee's students, to help train him.  That is how he started to learn advanced Jeet Kune Do and started his Bruce Lee-style training, which in turn gained him peak human attributes.

Boomstick:  He can punch a hole in wood from an inch! He can send a grown man flying with a strong kick!  He trains his punching using custom made heavy bags of metal!  He can do two-fingered push-ups and one-armed pull-ups!  He can do the hardest exercise of all...the Dragon Flag!!  And yet he had to move to Peach Creek.

Wiz:  After mastering Jeet Kune Do, he moved back to Japan, where he learned b-boying, a style of street dancing that uses incredible acrobatics.  This alone shows the agility of the young SuperPunk.  Sometime later, he and his family moved to Peach Creek, the home of Ed Edd n Eddy and the Cul-de-Sac gang.

Boomstick:  He can also use what he learned from acupuncture to strike at certain vital points and nerve endings. Oh and....Super-what?

Wiz: SuperPunk.  Byakko calls himself the Straight-Edge SuperPunk of Peach Creek.

Boomstick:  Oh! You mean he's one of them punk dressing guys who never does drugs, or drink beer, and all that crap.  He's missing out.

Jeet Kune Do:
'The Way of the Intercepting Fist' invented by Bruce Lee
Precursor of Mixed Martial Arts
-Wing Chun Kung Fu
-Western Boxing
Épée Fencing
-Tae Kwon Do

Physical Attributes:
Peak Human conditioning
-Strength, possibly stronger than Rolf
*Running speed, able to catch up to the Eds at their fastest
*Striking speed, can replace a coin with another in a few seconds, enough to strike several acupressure points to incapacitate his opponent if needed
-Agility, able to quickly climb and jump off of obstacles as though he knows parkour, proven by his b-boying skills
-Reaction timing, able to defend and counter at the blink of an eye

Boomstick: The young SuperPunk is also a master of many weapons, able to use different ones for different enemies.  Such as the quarterstaff, tri-section staff, Kali sticks, naginata, and yumi spear.

Wiz:  However, his go-to-weapons in this battle are his Filipino style nunchuku called a Tabak-Toyok and his ancestral sword, Raigiri.  His nunchuku skill is practically on par with Bruce Lee, enough to strike at lightning fast speeds against one or many opponents. However, it is not made as a killing weapon. The sword Raigiri emits lightning when in the hands of a Tachibana.  He can also channel his inner life force, known as 'Chi', to perform stronger feats and attacks and due to his Tachibana blood, his chi gives off electrical properties. 

Boomstick:  Which means getting hit by him is like getting a major taser shock to anywhere on the body. Plus the sword itself is said to be forged from a space rock so it is that much difficult to shatter and break.  I want one! Now that's a killin' weapon!

Wiz:  He also became a Kamen Rider by the name of Meteor to fight against monsters called Zodiarts.  But because he is capable of fighting them without donning his Rider gear, we are not including his Meteor Driver and Astro Switches in this battle. 

Okinawan martial arts weapon
Two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope
Byakko's nunchucks, the Tabak-Toyok, are the same type used by Bruce Lee

Tachibana family heirloom
A katana with a slightly longer blade length
Forged from a meteorite by Masamune himself long ago
Emits an electrical aura if held by a Tachibana

Inner life force
Used to perform amazing feats and attacks
-Able to sense another's spiritual aura

-Enhances his overall strength and durability
*Chi Lightning Strike
*Electro Kick
*Raikouken (Thunder Tiger Fist):  Similar to Ryu's Hadoken
*Chain Lightning Barrage
*Shin Rai Kyaku (True Thunder Kick): A spinning rising kick similar to Fei Long, but strikes with lightning
*Flying Dragon Kick:  A flying front kick modeled after Bruce Lee's own strike.

Boomstick:  While Byakko knows his way around a fight, even he has weaknesses.  Such as his temper.  He's quite a feisty kid.

Wiz:  Despite his feats and skills, he is still human. While running out of chi will take away one of his edges in battle, that will not stop him.

Boomstick:  And most of all, his nunchucks are not made to kill as they are blunt weapons.

Fiery temper
Finite Chi pool
Basic human weaknesses
Nunchuku are blunt

Wiz:  Despite this, Byakko has learn to overcome his own weaknesses due to the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do.  He emulates himself after his idol in various ways.

Boomstick:  Even down to his chicken squeals.

Wiz:  However, he has proved himself time and time again that he is truly the modern day Bruce Lee.

"As my idol once said, 'A rehearsed routine cannot follow the beat of our own broken rhythm.'"

(This is something I really had to get out of my head XD)

(Update:  Had to put in the pic done by :icontheebby: some time ago. I still love it.  Plus had to change his age due to his birthday being passed up.)
Got a new Gaia account due to the fact that I want to start anew.  For those on Gaia Online, search for SamuraiByakko.


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I am Byakko, the one and only Wild Tiger. And I'm sometimes known as the White Tiger. ^_^

Current Residence: Everywhere and nowhere, and maybe in outer space too
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Personal Quote: Guilt is what makes us human. However too much guilt can bring down even the strongest people.

EEnE rp account -> :iconeenebyakko:

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